Senior Commercial Manager USA-Mandarin Speaker

Job title: Senior Commercial Manager USA-Mandarin Speaker

Company: Taylor Hopkinson

Job description: Opportunity for a Mandarin speaking professional with experience in both legal and finance to join a global TOP 3 solar high tech company as Senior Commercial Manager in USA.

Location : Company has office in California.

This is a hybrid working role, ideally can be in office some days to meet the team.


1. Responsible for participating in the review of business model and project approval, reviewing the feasibility of business model, providing reasonable suggestions, ensuring profit and risk control;

2. Responsible for cost estimation, profit estimation and cash flow estimation during project bidding and tendering, providing decision-making support for business;

3. Responsible for business negotiations, organizing contract review, providing consultation and support for business, finance, taxation and foreign exchange, and preventing risks of business, finance, taxation, foreign exchange and payment in contracts;

4. Responsible for the inspection during the performance of the contract to ensure that the project delivery is consistent with the contract;

5. Responsible for participating in overseas counteraction investigations, overseas trade protection measures and export control.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, economics, foreign trade, legal affairs or related, English as working language;

2. More than 7 years working experience in business or financial management, with rich experience in financial measurement, business and contract management, working experience in listed company is preferred;

3. Strong ability of organization, communication and coordination.

Expected salary:

Location: USA

Job date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 01:10:08 GMT

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